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The 3D world has been dominated in recent years by the Cinema. This very exciting technology has arrived for the rest of us. Redwood Entertainment is now offering the opportunity to have an event in your life videotaped in Real3D. With the ability to shoot and edit a 3D multicamera production, and deliver a 3D Blu-ray disc that is fully compatible with both active and passive 3D TV sets, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t consider this exciting new medium. 3D will be the future and eventually the ‘glass-less’ 3D TV will be available and you will no longer need the ‘glasses’. We are giving you the opportunity to experience Real 3D  - not a 2D video converted to 3D - Real 3D !

Be one of the first with a Real 3D wedding in Melbourne or Sydney - Blow your friends away!

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In the early days of 3D we needed Red/Cyan glasses and to view samples on line on ‘you-tube’ and ‘vimeo’ we still need to have them. But true 3D is full colour High Definition and life-like. Our 3D Blu-ray discs are immediately identified by a 3D Blu-ray player attached to a 3D TV and it will automatically play in 3D. A sample of some 3D video and 3D wedding videography showreel are below:
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